A Place of Worship in Bakersfield

Since 1972, Greater Bakersfield First Pentecostal Church has enlightened the lives of its members through worship and spiritual ministries of the church. Our pastors proclaim the divine instructions of Jesus, while fulfilling our vision to be a church that focuses on following, proclaiming and celebrating truth. Our church is built on the strong foundation and chief cornerstone, Jesus Christ.

Come, be blessed with us and feel the love of our Christian brotherhood. We have faithful visiting our church from Shafter, Lamont, Arvin and the surrounding communities.

Our Church Services:

  • Worship Services
  • Kick Choir 
  • Youth Choir 
  • Adult Choir
  • Senior Choir
  • Ministries
  • Live Church Broadcasts
Jesus Is the Way. Join Us to Grow in the Lord!

(661) 520-5156